Thursday, August 28, 2008

Excitement is growing for the 1st National Bonsai Exhibit. We have reports that visitors will come from Japan, China, Australia, South Africa, England, Belgium, Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico, including Yuji Yoshimura's daughters from Tokyo and Boston who will be presenting the $2,000 Yoshimura Award for the finest classical bonsai in the exhibition.

Some of the finest bonsai from throughout the country will be on display, including masterpieces from the collections of the California Northern State Bonsai Collection, the Chicago Botanic Garden Bonsai Collection and from the following artists: Boon Manaktivipart, Suthin Suklosovisit, Dan Robinson, Warren Hill, Jim Gremel, Chase Rosade, Solita Rosade, Mike Page, Howard Smith, Mary Madison, Rob Kempinski, Jim Smith, Pedro Morales, Larry Jackel, Julian Adams, Jack Douthitt, Pauline Muth, Frank Mihalic, Brussel Martin, Harvey Carapella, Marty Schmalenberg,Seiji Shiba, Wm. N. Valavanis and many more. Many of these artists will also be attending the exhibition and banquet.

Japanese Black Pine.                            Literati style

Pine used in a formal display with scroll and stone.

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