Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Thoughts on Bunjin Bonsai

A universe of complexity, disguised as simplicity

A bunjin bonsai should embody the elegance of simplicity, and the simplicity of true grace. Is this attainable? Are we mortals capable? Should we even try? I believe that we should. Will we succeed? We may not know.

I truly believe that bunjin bonsai reflects the artistic philosophy of “less is more” to a degree far treater than any other style of bonsai. However,the distillation of the philosophy to a work of bonsai art may be a difficult path to travel.

As we travel this path to bonsai nirvana, the destination may be just around the next turn. Or maybe its over the top of the next hill. But there is always another turn in the road and one more hill to climb in the unending journey.

The journey is the lesson. The lesson is the destination.

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